KARTU No.2: Cardholder

This is another variation of our cardholder, KARTU. Simpler and is meant to be more playful in terms of contrast and colour. 

We used the well known Chevre Sully from Alran Tannery for the lining. We love the strong and vibrant colour that this leather has, as a matter of fact the cardholder is designed around this material. The outside leather is of an Italian origin, incredibly soft and supple. Unlike most vegetable tanned leather that is of an European origin, the initial colour is relatively pale. It tend to age towards darker brownish instead of the usual yellowish tinge. We will cover more on the leather differences in the upcoming blog. 

The edge has been painted to match the lining colour. We have been working on this technique for quite some times and is really happy with its durability. 

The cardholder is really designed to only carry two cards and some folded cash, just the essential. 

Some pictures...