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KARTU is our minimalist card holder wallet designed for people who loves carrying only the essentials for daily grind. 

The wallet is handmade entirely from a European premium natural vegetable tanned leather. The contrasting card slots is made from Kangaroo leather, one of the world's most hard wearing, lightweight and sustainable leathers. 

Waxed linen thread is chosen for stitching duty and is done via saddle stitch method which offer superior strength over machine stitching. 

The edges of every leather piece in the wallet has been meticulously hand painted in multiple layers for comfort, aesthetics and durability. Burnished finished is also available for neutral look. 


KARTU main pocket will easily accommodate 4 standard credit card, more after few weeks of usage. 

The contrasting Golden Tan card slot will initially hold 2 standard credit cards and will soften over time to accept more cards. 

Dimension: 10.5cm (w) x 7.5cm (h) 

About the leather:

The leather used for the the main pockets is a premium vegetable tanned leather in natural colour. It will darken and soften considerably over time with usage. The colour can be expected to take a golden brown to dark brown hue as it age. 
The contrasting card slot is a premium vegetable tanned kangaroo leather. As with other vegetable tanned leather, they will too darken and soften with age. 

Please note that leather is natural product and the colour/marking depicted in the photo may differ from individual product.


Price is in US dollar.


Please email to check on availability and shipping cost.

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Card Holer Mk2 - Slit.jpg
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